Be The One destroys the old standards and dictates a new philosophy of a multifunctional complex

We offer a one-stop solution for life, work, study, leisure and business
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Conceptual layouts, aesthetic and technical solutions, unique design, combination of individuality and functionality create a special space for living in Be The One.

Turnkey apartments
Class "A" office spaces
Coworking spaces, conference rooms, teaching facilities
4-star hotel level service

The format of the multifunctional Be The One complex was designed considering lifestyle of an active metropolis. You have the opportunity to live and develop business in the same house! We offer renovated apartments with the possibility of registration and turnkey apartments with a fixed guaranteed income.

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We took into account the needs and wishes of modern people who live in the rhythm of an active metropolis and introduced a new approach to multifunctional complexes.

5 minutes to "Zhitomirskaya" and "Akademgorodok" metro stations
Offices and apartments in one house
Apartments with private terraces
9 high-speed KONE elevators
“Sport Life” sports club of the updated format
Own infrastructure
Underground parking
3 types of renovations: Style, Comfort, Business
Apartments for business and owner-occupied
4 star service
Access Control System
Lounge areas, lobby, reception

Live, where you work, work, where you live!

The complex` concept is based on the principle BE THE ONE! BE THE FIRST! For you we offer: business apartments with a guaranteed fixed income; renovated apartments for own living; offices, coworking spaces, teaching facilities; lounge area with sofas, fragrant coffee and a relaxed atmosphere; 4 stars hotel service; cafes, restaurants, shops and other infrastructure.

Be The One is a multifunctional complex with hotel-type apartments and a class “A” business center. The concept of the complex was created for people who live in the rhythm of an active metropolis. Buying an apartment in Be The One means a profitable investment in your future. We offer for sale both apartments for the own residence with the possibility of registration, and apartments for business. Be The One has designed apartments ranging from 14 to 68 m2. There are apartments with terraces, offering panoramic views of Kiev. Renovated apartments are available for sale. Investors can choose from 3 types of renovation works: Style, Comfort and Business. Apartments for sale has already started in Be The One. You can buy apartments in installments up to 10 months without interest. A special feature of the complex is a hotel service, which allows its residents to feel like they are on vacation. This service includes ordering breakfasts, groceries, tickets, dishes from cafes and restaurants, cleaning, laundry and dry cleaning services, catering for events, cook services and other. Therefore, the residents of the complex will not have to waste their time on household chores. The concept of the complex is “Live, where you work and work, where you live”. Comfortable conditions have been created here for those who dream to live as close to their office as possible. Be The One is a two-section building, one part of which is intended for apartments and the other for class “A” offices.  The complex has a transition from the residential part in the office one. Office space is designed primarily for IT workers, as well as for freelancers, entrepreneurs, scientists, creative people and workers of any other specialization.  Class “A” offices with an area of 42 to 4000 m2 from a developer are available for sale for the first time in Ukraine. A radically different approach to the daily office routine is implemented here and makes a work pleasure. The business center is designed with comfortable atypical coworking work- spaces, lounge areas, teaching, and conference rooms. Buying an office at Be The One is a rational business decision. The multifunctional complex Be The One has created favorable business opportunities. Hotel type apartments for rent are available for sale. The apartments are given to investors with a turnkey renovation, that is, fully equipped with modern furniture and appliances. The management company undertakes all the troubles with the operation. The peculiarity of “Be The One” real estate investments is a guaranteed profit. All investors receive a fixed monthly or quarterly income. Such conditions are documented. The property management company is responsible for insurance of apartments and depreciation of property. Be The One residential complex is located near Zhitomirskaya” and “Akademgorodok” metro stations. There is a developed infrastructure nearby like shops, a shopping center, a sports club, kindergartens, schools, medical centers, pharmacies, bank and post offices and other. Buying an apartment in Be The One means harmoniously combining leisure, business, work and entertainment in your life.

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