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The format of the multifunctional Be The One complex was designed considering lifestyle of an active metropolis. You have the opportunity to live and develop business in the same house! We offer renovated apartments with the possibility of registration and turnkey apartments with a fixed guaranteed income.

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The type of the layout decision affects the convenience and comfort of living. Depending on the number of future residents and your personal preferences, you need to choose the footage and housing layout. Functional layout solutions make it possible to use rationally every square meter of the room, so that you can enjoy coziness and comfort.
Apartments ranging from 14 to 68 m2 with a wide choice of planning solutions have been designed in the multifunctional complex Be The One. Investors can choose from more than 30 types of layouts. You can choose a one-room apartment, a two-room apartment, a mini-apartment or a spacious apartment with a terrace. Regardless of the area, all rooms are comfortable to stay.
The apartment layouts were designed by experienced architects who took into account consumer`s preferences and created comfortable places for rest and work in each apartment. The rooms in the apartments are designed in the form of classic rectangles and squares, which allows you to conveniently equip them with furniture. A balance of residential and non-residential areas was maintained in each apartment.
It is very easy to choose the apartment`s layout in Be The One. Investors can choose affordable planning solutions to suit depends on different needs and tastes. Apartments are divided into two categories: for rent and for your own residence. You can buy mini-apartments for business or spacious apartments with a terrace offering panoramic views of Kiev.
Buying an apartment for rent is an opportunity to start your own business. Only turnkey renovated apartments are available for sale. You can view the rooms’ visualization and choose the option that you like the most on the Be The One website. The complex` emphasis is made on the ergonomics of the space, and the interior design is harmoniously combined with the layouts.Apartments for own residence are available for sale with a wide choice of area and layout solutions. We have designed apartments with terraces, where we have created cozy lounge areas with modern furniture and soft textiles. Apartments with a turnkey renovation, fully equipped with appliances and furniture, and renovated apartments without furniture is available for the choice of buyers.Apartments in Be The One are available to a wide range of investors. Buyers can choose apartments from mini format to spacious apartments with terraces. Each apartment has comfortable rooms designed for different needs. You can view the visualization and examples of furnishing the kitchen, living rooms, bathrooms, terraces on our website.Buying an apartment in Be The One means enjoying all the benefits of a multifunctional complex. Lounge and work zones, shops, cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, “Sport Life” fitness club and other infrastructure will be available for owners and tenants.Own apartment in Kiev is no longer a dream, but a reality. The multifunctional complex Be The One has opened the apartments` sale at an affordable price. You can choose the type of layout and footage that suits your needs and lifestyle.

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